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This is an image of a woman in Khayelitsha, one of Cape Town, South Africa’s largest townships. This photo was taken by Busisiwe Dalingozi, a mother of 2 who also lives in Khayelitsha. It is Busie’s postcard image that is helping to empower and make a difference.


Busie, mother of 2
Busie Dalingozi
Busisiwe is a participant in The heART of a Woman Project’s pilot program in South Africa. From November 15-29, 2013, 9 women participated in an 11 day workshop at eKhaya eKasi Art & Education Centre in Khayelitsha.
I taught the ladies photography, mobile technology and social media with used iPhones donated by family, travel blogger friends and mobile photographers from England that I had only ever ‘met’ on twitter. For 2 days the women photographed life in Khayelitsha. On November 30th, 2013 each of participant received 200 postcards of one of their images at the braai (barbecue) and they were immediately available for sale in the on-site art boutique.

I had some friends and their colleague in attendance and postcards were immediately purchased. Additionally, I pre-purchased 15 sets of all 9 postcards, made them available online and sold out in 24 hours while I was still in Cape Town!

Recently Evelyn Hannon of Journeywoman, an amazing resource for women travellers, purchased an 8×10 print of Busie’s image to add to her collection of Black & White photos bought from photographers around the world!
Photographing in Khayelitsha, South Africa
Photographing in Khayelitsha, South Africa
Aviwe & her postcards
Aviwe & her postcards
The postcards are available in the on-site art boutique at eKhaya eKasi as the centre welcomes tourists.  They are also available as postcards or prints in our online shopSome of the women have shared that they have been able to purchase shoes or have given the money to family so they may purchase train tickets to look for a job. 

Recently, Busie shared her postcard image and this heartwarming statement on Facebook  – “Since I worked with THOAWSA my life has changed Today I can make my own Post Cards and make a living I have friends all over the World thank u every body who Donated with every thing to make Andrea Rees come to South Africa to make woman of eKhaya eKasi make a living thank u again #Thoawsa #Busi”

The power is not only in the 9 talented & very capable women who can create quality images using a mobile device, but that they are empowered and have a voice as they are engaging on social media too. They are connecting with people around the world. They are sharing a bit of their daily lives in Khayelitsha and bringing awareness to their talents & the programs at eKhaya eKasi… a place you can visit if you’re in Cape Town as I first visited on December 10, 2012. It’s how it all began.

To read about the workshop days:

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I am so thrilled to announce that the award winning The Backpack now carry the postcards in their Community Shop and are our first retailer!

The heART of a Woman Project South Africa postcards on Display at The Backpack. Photo supplied by Lee Harris | The Backpack.
The heART of a Woman Project South Africa postcards at The Backpack. Photo supplied by Lee Harris | The Backpack.

I stayed at The Backpack for almost 3 weeks on my last visit there in November 2013 and my first visit to Cape Town in December 2012. They were recently named top hotel on Lonely Planet’s Best Value List and voted Best Hostel in Africa 2014 by Hostelworld.

What really drew me to them, other than the fantastic reviews on many websites was the fact that they care and Responsible Tourism and Fair Trade are important to them. They participate in a number of community projects and on my first stay, I participated in Pack For a Purpose and brought along some much needed goods to donate. The ways they support the community are endless and I admire the founders/owners Lee Harris and Toni Shina. They have such a welcoming team at The Backpack.

An extra big thank you to Lee for your support and daily morning chats as you followed along on the progress of the workshop. The encouragement in just your interest and our conversations meant a lot and I still carry it with me.

I am also very happy to announce our newest bronze sponsor, Vado Via. Vado Via is an iPad travel app made by and for travelers. Could the match be any better? Travel, photography & technology!

VadoVia - an iPad travel App, by travelers for travelers.
VadoVia – an iPad travel app.

I met Elissa (co-founder with her husband Enrico) in Toronto, Canada at TBEX,  a travel blogger’s conference and shortly thereafter I began to contribute some content to the app and a relationship began. Fast forward today and I’m happy to partner with an app I believe in and supporters of #thoawSA. From the beginning Elissa & VadoVia has supported us.

VadoVia – an iPad Travel App with real content from other travelers. “Inside scoop from those who have “been there, done that.”

I truly believe that small steps lead to bigger steps and always think of Lao Tzu’s quote “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  while on this journey as I keep on keeping on. I am grateful to all those that have supported us in whatever way you have.

The sponsorships and sales will help empower the women and keep the program running, continue to pay for internet at eKhaya eKasi, marketing, transportation, sample products, printing etc and offer a stipend for one of the participants.

Nwabisa, mother of 2
Nwabisa, mother of 2

I’m happy to share that I am training Nwabisa Ndongeni to lead the project. THOAW is providing a small stipend, mostly to show her what is possible. It is my hope that she and the women that continue to work hard, can become self-sustainable as entrepreneurs. The possibilities are truly endless.



About the Author: The Heart of a Woman Project  (THOAW) is an initiative founded by Andrea Rees, a professional photographer of almost 11 years,  mom, wife, entrepreneur,  iPhone photographer of 5+ years, travel blogger & photographer at wanderingiphone.com, avid traveller that seeks authentic cultural experiences and Global Citizen.

Please help spread the word about this mobile photography initiative to help empower women in South Africa. Follow #thoawSA on Twitter & Instagram to see tweets & photos from myself and the participants.