Want to see the direct result of your donation?

Sponsoring a participant will enable 1 woman to remain in the mobile photography program.

Aviwe & her postcards
Aviwe & her postcards

As a sponsor you will receive:

  • an email with a photo of a participant,┬átheir name and short biography
  • an 2nd email about 2 months after sponsorship commencement┬áthat will include a selection of 3 of their images
  • a postcard featuring one of their images along with a personal thank you by mail
  • a 3rd email approximately 6-9 months after sponsorship commencement with an update and 3 new images

For Project South Africa: the sponsorship will go towards keeping one of the participants in the program and continuing her education, promotion/marketing, printing products and internet access. It will also help towards a stipend or full or part time employment for 1-2 of the ladies to lead the program.

For a one time donation of $500 CAD to join the sponsor-a-participant program.